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Sunshine (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception, based on national conditions of China, specialized in the field of medical technology clinical trial services, clinical trials, analysis services, registration services and regulations consulting and other services, is committed to in domestic and international drug, medical equipment, health food and other fields. Have a professional management team, CRA team and SMO can provide the best overall solutions and R & d planned to declare, maximize product potential therapeutic value, shorten the product market cycle, to promote the process of the product market.

"Sunshine" do for many years the medical enterprise services, with rich local experience, stable professional team, efficient and harmonious management, and perfect quality management system, the CFDA constantly updated regulations and industry the latest developments have strong insight and understanding. "Sunshine" can provide registration suggestions to the most valuable customers, to avoid the waste of time and cost. Our team and every member have majoring in clinical medicine, pharmacy, medical statistics and other professional background, with the industry in the field with very high fit, and has high adaptation ability, strain capacity, to excellent medical planning assessment team as the core strengths, laid good foundation for the success of each project. Management of harmony and stability, with common values and common philosophy of life, a unique corporate culture and improve the systematic management system, prompting the project team and the executive team has strong and smooth implementation capacity.

"Sunshine" according to the specification of the CFDA established a high standard SOP and the international standard of ICH GCP, simple, high quality, efficient, to ensure the premise for the success of the project. On this basis, the "sunshine" after years of accumulation, has rich resources of government and industry resources. In the field of clinical research is across the wide range of treatment, in the field of treatment, has a certain scale of domestic and international customer base and industry visibility.

Do to have 10 years work experience in clinical practice, and reserve the rich at home and abroad clinical research services project experience of business leaders, I strive for excellence, sincere and pragmatic principles, adhering to the "in service to create value" concept of development. After several years of precipitation, in order to international perspective, committed to the medical service industry, and medical companies common progress and common development.


Business Information Department

Medical Registration GroupDrug & Medical Device Registration, Related Seller or Manufacture License Application,Investment Attraction.

International Trade GroupTo Clear Customs for Import and Export Trades, Translation, Investment Attraction, Full set service for the Localization of an Oversea Company

General Service GroupService for Health-Food, Cosmetics and the Manufacturers and Sellers, Investment Attraction, Meeting Service

Business Team Backgrounds

Clinical Research Department

Project Management GroupProject Team Establishment and Management, Company Files Management

Medicine GroupWriting the Clinical Trial Protocol, Medicine Professional Support, Project Inspection, Clinical Files and Records Management

Clinical GroupClinical Research Implementation, Negotiation with the Clinical Sites, Clinical Research Association

Data Management GroupData Entry, Suspecting, Locking, Analysis

Clinical Team Backgrounds